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Do you ever stop to wonder what happens to nurses after they retire? Who looks after them? more importantly, What happens to the retired nurses in third world countries that have limited resources. 

That is why Beatrice Carers CIC exists. We want to support retired nurses. We believe that they also need someone to look after them. We aim to do this buy raising fund and using the donations to purchase resources such as medication, winter supplies, home supplies and training. 

Just because they are retired it doesnt mean its over!


Championing The Forgotten 

Our mission is to empower those that have been forgotten by society. The retired nurses who lack in supplies and resources to navigate life after work. 

We aim to start in Zimbabwe and the UK providing retired nurses with basic supplies such as, blankets, medicine, training and food.

We aim to expand into other countries across Africa and eventually worldwide. But our priority is to start with where we are firmiliar. 

Nurse and Patient
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