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About Us

Championing The Forgotten

Beatrice Carers CIC is a non-profit organisation that was established with the vision of providing financial assistance and empowering disadvantaged children, disadvantaged current and former healthcare workers of Zimbabwean descent through-out the United Kingdom and in Zimbabwe to sustain and improve health, social and economic well-being.

Image by Hush Naidoo Jade Photography

Our Story

Our story began during the early years of our careers at a hospital in Harare. After a long period of working together, we were forced to leave our jobs due to economic adversities.  Many years after we left our native country, we were able to reconnect. We discovered each other on an old workmates WhatsApp group chat, thanks to social media. Soon after reuniting, we came to understand that some of our retired colleagues were going through some challenging times and struggling to make ends meet. That resulted in us helping one another by contributing in several ways.


Through work and chats, we also realised that there were a lot of school going children who had left school due to being orphaned and/or lack school fees or other resources. Some colleagues were left to look after their grandchildren when their parents died and were/are struggling to provide them with the basics of life. We have continued to make contributions to help out, but sometimes it has not been possible to continue with the good gesture due to the high demand and financial constraints.


Due to our altruistic nature, we decided to form a formal group in form of this CIC to continue to help those in need. It was not easy and at one time we nearly gave up but through determination, here we are. We named our organisation after the hospital where we first met. We are passionate about this and with your generosity we will be able to continue to make a difference in someone’s life.

Meet The Team

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