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The Forgotten

Helping Retired nurses and orphans  in UK & Africa.

About US

We are a group of healthcare workers who are dedicated to championing the forgotten

Beatrice Carers CIC is a non-profit organisation that was established with the vision of providing financial assistance and empowering disadvantaged children, disadvantaged current and former healthcare workers of Zimbabwean descent through-out the United Kingdom and in Zimbabwe to sustain and improve health, social and economic well-being.

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The Problem?

There is a lot of poverty amongst the Zimbabwean community both in the UK and Zimbabwe. As healthcare workers we have also identified a need in the retired community of our profession, especially in Zimbabwe as they do not have enough pension to see them through their retirement.

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The Solution

Through sponsorship and fundraising events we aim to provide a range of services that will alleviate hardships and enhance quality of life for the aforementioned people.  We will help children whose parents are not able to look after them and assist the retired healthcare workers with accessing their prescription medication, health checks and education, especially in Zimbabwe.

How You Can Support Us.

We need your help to buy life-saving medication and support educational needs for the children from these families. 

We accept anything in kind or money and your donations will help us provide life-saving supplies.

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Point of Difference

Our organisation will look after retired healthcare professionals, who are often considered self-sufficient after retirement.

Our main aim is to promote self-dependence

Our organisation will not only aim to provide financial support but also motivate and enable these disadvantaged people to learn new skills to become financially independent where possible.

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Our Values


We believe that everyone has the equal right to have and access good health care


We operate with integrity ensuring that all resources that are donate go solely to those that are most in need 


Education is at the heart of self-dependency. We aim to facilitate access to high quality education to the most in need


To battle loneliness, we believe in the power of building and empowering the community.

We need your Help

Partner With Us

Our Charity is reaching out to those families most in need in UK and in our native country, Zimbabwe. Families have become impoverished by the high inflation and the pandemic has made things worse. They are starving and desperately need food, shelter and the basics of life often taken for granted.

We need your help to provide resources to those that are currently lacking the ability to access medication, clothes, healthcare essential and more. 









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